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FALL 2022 PROGRAMS – Both to be held at the Gateway Center beginning at 7:00PM:
Thursday Sep. 22 – “The Battle of Franklin” Chris Mackowski
Thursday Oct. 27 – “Mary Todd – Abe Lincoln’s Curse” Norm Mineo
All programs begin at 7:00PM. Location as listed. For additional information, call Carl Modica 716-992-3515
Message from Carl Modica, BCWRT President:
Introducing the 2022 BCWRT Raffle
I am happy to present our raffle items to the RT! As you can easily see, we are rather militarily oriented this time around. The Round Table is deeply grateful to those who contributed our wonderful prizes.
The rifle as grand prize was given to us by long-time member Don Hale. We are truly happy to present his gift as feature item. It must be stated however, that Don, nor the RT, make any claim that this particular rifle has any significant historical provenance. Please understand this clearly. What is quite noteworthy however, is that at least the lock plate was manufactured at Harper’s Ferry in 1819, and is plainly engraved as such. It is indeed a very nice piece to have on a wall! And speaking of walls, the large print reproduction depicting the engagement at Little Round Top between Col. Joshua Chamberlain’s 20th Main & the 15th Alabama led by Col. William Oates is most attractive. The frame does not have a scratch on it, & measures 42” x 26.” We at the RT can thank member Jack Hornung for this stunning portrait, virtually a “co-feature” prize!
These items, along with the other prizes, will be presented at the BCWRT History Museum meeting on Wed the 18th, 7pm. This will be the only opportunity you will have to personally view them prior to the drawing at the Sept. meeting at Gateway. We ask that you help support our RT by making friends, family, etc. aware of our raffle items, and should they be interested, afford them the opportunity to purchase tickets. After all, they are only two bucks each! Stubs/payment may be mailed to our box office address, or simply brought to future meetings.
You will note in the Newsletter a certain “cake picture.” Well, in case you were not there, we did indeed celebrate the 200th birthday of President Lincoln’s favorite general.
Carl Modica, President BCWRT