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Ben Maryniak

Ben Maryniak, author, historian and re-enactor, was the founder and president of the Buffalo Civil War Round Table and the state historian for the Sons of Union Veterans until his death in 2009.

He was also a camp member of the Chaplain PG Cook Camp (the Buffalo Camp 223), as well as a long time supporter and honorary life associate member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans Buffalo Guards Camp 1975.

Various articles written by Ben can be found HERE.

Faith in the Fight, a book on Union and Confederate Civil War Chaplains, was published in 2003 by Stackpole Publishing. Ben’s contribution is a list of 2398 individuals representing all the commissioned chaplains serving in the regiments of the US Army Volunteer Force, hospital chaplains of US Volunteers, chaplains of the US Army, and chaplains of the US Navy during the Civil War. It also includes their religious affiliation at the time of the war (a number of them switched sides before and after the Rebellion), their regiment or other assignment, and their birth/death dates. You can purchase it HERE.